Photo by Marc Olivier Le Blanc

Photo by Marc Olivier Le Blanc


Feldsott is a California based painter/ sculptor who has been creating art for nearly five decades. At age 17, Feldsott moved from Chicago to the Bay Area, rented a basement apartment from the Hell’s Angels and enrolled in the California College of the Arts (CCA). His professors quickly recognized his prodigious talent and independent spirit, and broke with tradition to usher him into the MFA program. He would become the first student to earn an MFA without an undergraduate degree. 

In the late 1970’s, Feldsott was known as one of the few fine artists to combine modern and street art, which caught the attention of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Feldsott went on to become the youngest artist to ever exhibit his work at SFMoMA. By 1978, Feldostt was an artist on the rise with multiple solo and group shows but in 1980, disillusionment with the business side of the art world led Feldsott to stop exhibiting or selling his work.  

Instead, Feldsott was drawn to South America where he was caught up in a world of drugs, politics and an indigenous uprising. Feldsott turned this tumultuous time into a spiritual quest that led him to the Western Amazonian Base in Ecuador. There he immersed himself in and championed environmental issues, and studied with indigenous people for more than 25 years, becoming a student of traditional medicine, a teacher and healer.


During this time Feldsott continued to paint every day, amassing a truly impressive body of work that went entirely unseen.

In 2002, the National Museum in Quito Ecuador offered Feldsott his first solo show in two decades. Feldsott, noticing how sharing his visual enunciations created a cultural dialogue, finally acquiesced, and returned to the art world he thought he had left behind. 

Feldsott firmly believes that art can inspire, transform and even heal.  Robert C. Morgan notes, “in contrast to the quasi-spontaneous look of academic work being promoted in galleries today, Feldsott is able to signify meaning in his work without depending on an a priori text.” Peter Selz, former curator of the Museum of Modern Art New York City (MoMA), calls Feldsott’s work simply, “Astonishing. Magical. I had never seen anything quite like it. It really makes you stop in your tracks.”

Selected Exhbitions

2017 “Chants of Resistance” Mexican Museum, San Francisco, CA

2016 “My Enemy” at Blessed Unrest, Counter Pulse Theatre, San Francisco, CA

2015 “Bioneers Conference” Marin County Civic Center, San Rafael, CA

2015 "Feldsott" B. Sakata Garo Gallery, Sacramento, CA

2015 "Annunciations" Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

2013 “My Enemy” Cross Country Tour

2013 "Cries, Chants, Shouts & Whispers" Vendome Gallery, New York City, NY

2013 "Cries, Chants, Shouts & Whispers" Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2011 "The Early Works" Paul Mahder Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2011 The LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA

2008 "Still Standing" Paul Mahder Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2004 "Untitled" Blue Room Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2004 "Untitled" Rachel Darnell Gallery, Santa Fe, AZ

2003 " Works from the Permanent Collection" Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA

2002 "Los Icaros de Los Pinturas" Museo de Guayasamin, Quito, Ecuador

1979 “The Aesthetics of Graffiti” San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA

1978 “Gallery Artists” Marianne Deson Gallery, Chicago, IL

1978 “Fetish Myth and Legend” Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

1978 “Drawings USA National Tour" Minnesota Museum of Art, Minneapolis, MN

1977 “Six Artists” Diablo Valley College Art Gallery, Pleasant Hill, CA

1976 “Surfaces and Image” Walnut Creek Civic Arts Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA

1975 “Fetishes” San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA

1974 "Untitled" Michael Wyman Gallery, Chicago, IL

1974 "Untitled" E. B. Crocker Art Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Selected Private Collections

Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA

David Spon, McLean, VA

The Lannon Foundation, Palm Beach, FL

Museo de Guayasamin, Quito, Ecuador

Peter Selz, Berkeley, CA

Rena Branstein, San Francisco, CA

United Gas and Pipeline Company, Houston, TX