Written by Min A. Lee

“For me, it was a personal exploration of that image. The piece is kind of discovered. It’s not really plotted out. A lot of my work has to do with experimentation and accident and discovery as the piece unfolds.”


written By Gabrielle selz

“Primal, visceral, bursting with a pictorial intelligence, Feldsott’s work seeks to add another voice to the discourse. Simply put, the voice of the spirit.”

Written by Jonathan Curiel

“Feldsott,…a one-time prodigy whose output is once more drawing raves from the art establishment.”

Interview with Robert C. Morgan

“You just see me meandering across that journey—losing myself, and finding myself, and losing myself, and finding myself, and the paintings become records of it.”


Written By peter clothier

“Feldsott is something of a rarity, an artist of deep social and humanitarian conscience, whose commitment spills over into his richly textured and profoundly moving paintings.“


Interview with Maree McHugh

“What if your enemy is as human as you?”


Interview with Joy Paris

“For me, painting has always been a rigorous, very strict discipline. So it has definitely cultivated some kind of ability in myself to see, to look, to confront, to name, to stand in the midst of some kind of chaotic disturbance and still be able to cultivate an energy of peacefulness and kindness or healing.“


Written By peter clothier

“This is not the story of a mainstream artist, nor, be it said, are Feldsott’s paintings of the mainstream. They are exceptional in a culture where mainstream has become merely the acceptable norm…Feldsott’s work takes us back to the origins of art itself, and in doing so shows us a way forward, if we are prepared to look and listen.”


Written by Robert C. Morgan

“There are no quantities worthy of measure in Feldsott’s paintings. Rather what we perceive is largely contingent on an openness of mind, the sustained ability to look, absorb, and feel. In Feldsott’s case, the method of work – including the way the finished work is perceived. It neither conforms to current trends nor accepts any proscribed limits or mediated standards.”


Interview with Peter Selz

“I was simply astonished … You don’t see work like this everyday.”